How to make money online without paying anything

Many people are fascinated with the thought of making money online. Nowadays, people have different methods and ways to make money online both legitimate and dubious ways. Some say making money online is easy but are they actually correct? The internet has made money making possible for virtually everybody once you have a means of connecting to the internet. Making money online is not as easy as many thinks, however, making money online is not impossible if the right channel is followed.
A year ago, many schemes came up claiming to give huge returns. Where are all these schemes? They couldn’t stand the test of time. Many Nigerians lost a lot of money in such schemes called Ponzi. In this article, we are providing you with useful and legitimate ways of making money online that are risk-free, no investment is required and is online based.


You can make money working from home as a freelancer, it is one of the easiest online job available. Your work as a freelancer is providing jobs and services to clients online. As a freelancer, you have an option of either working full-time or part-time. In addition, it’s totally up to you to set the terms of your service or contract and you are able to perform multiple jobs at the same time, unlike your normal office job. The services you offer depends on your expertise. You can offer services in areas such as web design, web development, graphics design, search engine optimization, social media marketing, articles writing, copywriting, guest posting, data entry, email marketing and more.
With any of these aforementioned skills, you can join a freelancing community and apply for a job. To become a freelancer, you need to register on a freelance market to get exposure. You will be required to fill in your profile and skills. Below are some of the freelancing markets I have worked with.



Blogging is one of the proven methods of making money online. For you to blog, you need to have a niche or area of interest you want to let the world know about. Even though blogging is much more than having a website, when done properly can be a good source of money. It’s important to note that, blogging is not and will never be a get rich quick scheme, many ventures into blogging in an attempt to make money they, however, give up along the way. Don’t just blog because you heard someone made money through it, hard work, dedication, and patience are crucial for blogging success.
Blogging can generate thousands to hundreds of thousands naira monthly. Some basic requirement of blogging.
  • A website
  • Interesting topic to shear
  • A personal computer
  • A modem with internet subscription and more
One of the most discouraging factors for most is getting traffic. You need to have good, original and interesting content to bring and maintain visitors. Once you are done with the issue of traffic you can monetize your blog with programs such as Google AdSense and more.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing deals mainly with promoting other companies, products and in return getting a commission when someone purchases the product. This is equally easy though not for all. The more people you can get to purchase a product the more your pay and vice versa. Most of this programs give you a unique link to share on social media, the more people use your unique link to purchase a product the more you earn. To increase your earnings, you can create a mini online market where you drop your affiliate links. So, instead of promoting links on social media, you can just promote the blog or site. That’s a professional approach.
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