Enjoy 24/7 Electricity with Lumos and MTN Solar Powered Mobile System

It’s clear for everyone to see how unreliable electricity supply is in Nigeria. It seems as if the more money is pumped into the power sector the less efficient electric supply becomes. Even with this power issue, there are parts of Nigeria that get electricity almost on a constant basis while others little to nothing. For you to have a constant electricity in your home with the use of a generator, you need a lot of money. Lumos in partnership with MTN has made a provision for people receiving few hours of light daily or those off the grid to access light 24 hours using the natural sun radiation (solar).
With the rapid growth in technology, electricity is crucial for running our day to day activities. We need electricity for things such as charging of phones, laptops, lamps, for cooking, effective running of our businesses and more. So, with the perpetual failure of the power sector, we need an alternative that is affordable. Lumos in partnership with MTN has made that available.
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Lumos solar electricity is a pay as you go system which offers a convenient payment plan that allows you pay towards the ownership of the system via small daily instalments. It has plans that are affordable based on your income level. Below are this plans.

Lumos Mobile Electricity Subscription Plans


The Hardware

The hardware components of lumos mobile electricity system consist of
  • 80W Solar Panel unit with Cables
  • 300Wh Lumos Solar Home System In-door Unit
  • USB Mobile Phone Charger
  • 2 x LED Energy Efficient Bulbs
  • DC to AC converter
  • Easy Self-Installation Mounting Kit
To subscribe for the system, you are expected to pay a commitment fee of 26,000 naira.

How does it work?

The system consists of two units which are the indoor unit and the outdoor unit. The outdoor unit consists of the solar panel and a thick cable. The 80watt solar panel is placed outdoor on the roof under direct sunlight as the system depends on it to power.
The indoor unit is placed inside the house then connected to the panel via the thick cable.


Under intense sunlight, it takes approximately 6 hours to charge the indoor unit 100 percent. Once the system is fully charged, it can produce several hours of electricity which of course depends on the load. The more the load the quicker the device drains.
Remember, the system runs on a pay as you go pattern. so, even when fully charged, the stored power cannot be accessed until a subscription plan is activated. The indoor unit is connected to the MTN network through which the subscription is made.

Activating the system and ownership

Purchase and load enough credit that can cover for your chosen plan, you then send the code of your chosen plan to the appropriate number check table above. It’s worthy to note that, you are required to subscribe for a minimum of 20 days monthly in order not to lose ownership of the system. This is part of the contract agreement.
The system will permanently unlock after 1800 paid days allowing you full access to the stored power without restriction. The required 1800 paid days equals 5 years. Remember that the system has a 5 years warranty which means during the 1800 paid days, MTN/Lumos will take care of the maintenance.


The system is equipped with eight DC output ports with varying output current. These outputs are suitable for charging mobiles phones, tablets and also able to power dc appliances such as a DC fan, a radio etc.
Included in the kit is a DC to AC converter which as the implies converts DC output to AC. With this device, you can be able to use low powered AC appliances such as Laptops, AC fan, LED TV and more. The inverter is capped at 60w max so, ensure not to overload the system to avoid damaging the converter.

How do I Get the device?

Getting the device is pretty easy. All you need to do is to visit an MTN office close you with a sum of 26000 naira and that’s it.
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