Making Money Online is a Lot Easier with this 5 Methods: Tested and Trusted.

With the advent of technology, many people including me now make money in the comfort of our home with the help of the internet. There are different modes of online money making ideas, in my case I chose to blog. Blogging is one method that needs a lot of time and patience. In case you are in search of a job you can do in place of your regular office job, I will suggest you read this article very carefully.
Read through and test each method then chose the one that best suits you. Also, you will come across some websites I have listed that can give you a quick start in your money making journey. There is a famous saying that states “slow and steady wins the race” with these methods you might be getting little at the beginning but later after mastering it the money you make will increase proportionately.
So, let’s get started with the ultimate list of online money making methods.


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Fiverr is an online marketplace where people come to offer their skills for money. If you have unique skills that you think can be of help to someone, you can offer it on Fiverr and get money in return. The amount a buyer pays for any job on fiver ranges between $5 and $5000.
For instance, if you have a Photoshop skills or writing skills, you can offer to write a 500 words article for $5 or design a logo for a client at $200 plus. For the list of jobs you can offer on Fiverr, you can check it on their homepage for more details. I personally work on Fiverr and have received payments over $1000.
Registration Link: Fiverr


On freelancer platform, you will find various freelancing jobs you can do depending on your skills. You can find jobs such as writing, web design social media marketing, etc. Out of the numerous tasks on the platform; you can choose to apply to any.
Jobs on freelancer are charged on an hourly basis which ranges between $1 -$300/hour. What you should do first as a starter, is to create a free account then build your profile. You might consider starting with low hourly charges and ensure you put your best in any job. After every completed job, the buyer is expected to give you a rating, so, you have to strive for a 5-star review on every task completed as it increases your prospects.
Registration Link: Freelancer


You can make a lot of money online blogging if you have enough patience and excellent writing skills. is a good place to start as its hosting is entirely free. In blogging, you need to write original posts time to time to keep your visitors updated, however, while writing this posts, you need to keep many things in mind such as SEO, blog design, etc.
Your blog can begin generating money for you after some time, with Google AdSense, Chitika, info-links and many other ads network.


Making Money Online is a Lot Easier with this 5 Methods img
If you have programming skills, you can use it to take advantage of some crucial opportunities on the internet. Such programming languages as C++, Java, NET, PHP, Visual Basic, etc.
You can use this skills to make a lot of money on platforms such as Fiverr, Upwork, and Freelance, etc. I recently introduced a friend to Fiverr, and he works there as a programmer. As at the time of writing this post he makes about $1000 every month; you can make it too.

Working as a Virtual Assistant

Assuming you don’t have a lot of skills but are good in data entry tasks, research works on the internet. You can make a decent cash online working as a virtual assistant.
This form of a job is prevalent most especially among people who have limited internet skills. As a virtual assistant, you can be hired by a client to perform a task such as editing excel sheet, proof-reading, find something online, empty email boxes, etc.
These are the most credible methods you can use to make money on the ininternet. Also, remember that making money requires alot of hardwork as their is no substitute for hardwork. in case you have other tricks you use to make money online, you can share them in the comment section.
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