How to Earn money from Home without any Investment

There are countless ways to make money online, some require investment or starting capital while others require no investment. You can make a good sum of money online without risking anything. Making money online is not as easy as you might think, it’s similar to starting a business offline where you will need to generate traffic or customers. In this article, I will show you ways you can use to enrich your pocket online.

How do you make money online for free? Or how can I earn from home?

As I said earlier, you can make money online without investment or for free. These methods are easy to jump start. Below are some methods to put in mind.
•    Writing books: you can make a good fortune as a writer. Having a lot of money is not a criterion of being a writer or making it big as a writer. You can decide to write a book on anything you are interested in or on something you are well knowledgeable about. People are always interested in purchasing books or materials that can help better their lives. To keep readers interested in a book you have written, you have to have a good command of English and an excellent writing skills. How do you get money from these books? These books you have written can be sold on Kindle or Amazon. You don’t have to wait for sponsorship, Kindle or Amazon can help get your books to the world.
•    Work as a freelancer: freelancing is one money making method I keep telling people about. Instead of just seating idle, you can work online as a freelancer. Freelancing involves working for people online and getting paid an amount. There are different services you can render, it all depends on what you can do. If can write a clear and concise article, you can work as an article writer online.
Many platforms allow freelancers to meet with customers or potential customers online. One of such is Fiverr, up work, peopleperhour etc. I recommend Fiverr as it provides sellers/freelancers certain flexibility and simplicity of their platform. I make a lot of money on Fiverr as a graphics designer you can also.
•    Buying and selling of Bitcoins and alt coins: buying and selling of bitcoin is a good way of making money online. It involves buying bitcoins when low and selling when its value rises. Remember that, an effective prediction is the key to success in trading bitcoins. I have written a comprehensive post on this topic here.
•    How can I earn money from Google? This is a question I always receive from people. Making money on Google is pretty straightforward. However, you have to be ready to work. You can earn money from Google using different means. Through Google AdSense for videos, AdSense for games/software, and AdSense for your blog.

AdSense is an advertising network which is owned by Google. Earing through this means requires you to have a blog, software developed or a YouTube channel. Because Google takes the issue of AdSense participation serious, getting an approved AdSense account is quite a task. You have to abide by all their terms. AdSense is the highest paying ads network.Read Also: Making Money Online is a LotEasier with this 5 Methods: Tested and Trusted.

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