The Complete Beginners Guide to Blog Traffic

Writing quality content on your blog is an essential skill every blogger should have. However, the most important is the amount of traffic that content can pull, and this depends on the strategy followed. You won’t like to write a quality content that nobody reads. Getting traffic to your blog is one of the hardest things to do most especially to beginner bloggers. Every blogger has passed through this stage in his or her blogging career. So, stay calm, you are not alone in this struggle. When I started out blogging, my mum, dad, and few other people were my only blog readers, but now I get a lot more traffic than you can imagine.
Getting enough traffic to your blog can be a daunting task considering the millions of blogs out there. To get attention, you have to be unique in your blogging approach. You will always here “chose a less populated nitch” from pro bloggers when giving advice. But the truth is there is no less populated nitch online; you just have to be super creative to stand out.

Quality and easy to understand article

Why will I visit your blog the second time while my first experience reading your post was terrible? A blog with easy to read and understand articles easily get return visitors. To make your next blog post easy to read for your site visitors, you have to be well knowledgeable about the topic you are writing and ensure you use concise and straightforward grammar when communicating your thoughts. You can include infographics in your blog post to enhance understanding.

Share your content on social media

Having a nicely written article on your blog is very good. However, you have to let the world know about these articles before they can come and check it out. With the significant number of blogs out there, a blog visibility can be so tricky. You can start by letting your friends on social media to know and encouraging them to do well by sharing.

Who is this post made for?

You have to answer this question if you must succeed as a blogger. One the answer to the above question is found, them getting the articles to the right audience becomes an easy task. An article made for Nigerian youth might be useless to youths from the UK.

Utilizing paid traffic (Facebook ads or AdWords)

In case you want to increase your blog traffic, even more, you can adopt the use of paid advertising. Facebook and Google AdWords have made that possible for marketers. You can easily get carried away by your obsession for traffic that you couldn’t track down the amount spent on ads. To gain the most from paid adverts, you just have to follow a very effective strategy to avoid losing money. On Facebook, you can advertise your website or blog, boost your posts and more.
In case you are running an e-commerce website, adverts is a perfect tool for pulling in customers and potential customers.


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