How Blog Traffic could get you Blacklisted

The white hat SEO and the Black Hat SEO are basically the two school of thought when it comes to blog or website optimizations. While White hat SEO believe that by optimizing your site or blog you can get more traffic as it allows search engines to understand and crawl your site efficiently. The later adopt the use of unethical methods to get a result in a short amount of time. Such people prefer manipulating search engine algorithm to get things done than abiding by a set of imaginary internet rules.
Blackhat SEO can look promising at the beginning but can result in unimaginable disaster. Might yield a result in the short term but harms your business eventually. Among others, the most prominent risk these tactics pose is that your blog or site can get blacklisted by Google. Most people lose almost 95% of their traffic as a result of this practice. The best thing to do is to ensure your site/blog is not blacklisted.

Paying for backlinks

The issue of backlinks is so crucial as it is a critical factor in search engine ranking. When search engines such as Google consider backlinks when ranking a site, they put into account the number of inbound links and the quality of these links. The more people link to your site the more you move up in search engine ranking. Due to this fact, people pay a considerable sum of money just to get backlinks using black hat methods. As I said earlier this technique give quick result but can destroy your account in the long run. If somehow Google detects that you pay for backlinks, they can blacklist you.
You can generate backlinks through white hat methods. One of the best way. You can get backlinks is through guest posting, giving interviews, sending out press releases, and blog commenting and more. It’s an unethical practice to spam your links in someone else’s comment section.

Copyrighted Materials

In case you find creating new content hard to do then blogging is not for you, because your blog can get blacklisted if you copy and paste other people’s content. In fact, Google takes the issue of copyright infringement very seriously. Not only written documents are copyrighted, even pictures, videos and more. Your blog or website can be taken down if you are reported on issues like this.
Copy and paste blog cannot get you anywhere. One of the most common issues people with copy and paste blog have is not able to rank well in a search engine such as Google. You will always be at the bottom.
Instead of copying and pasting someone else’s blog post, you can write yours. Ensure all your posts are original. Use original images there are many tools online that you can use to create infographics for your posts such tools as Adobe Photoshop etc. you can also make use of stock images that are labeled for reuse or under creative common section. After finding the right image that is labeled for reuse, you have to credit the original owner of the image.

How to get Free images for your next blog post

Let’s assume you are looking for a free iPhone 6 picture to use for your blog post. This is how you go about it.
Step 1
Click on the images tap (see picture below)


Step 2
Click on the tool option (see Picture)


Step 3
Next you click on usage right and then on labeled for reuse (see picture)

Linking to external content

It is important to know that you can link to external contents as long as it can add value to your readers. Always link to sites that have content related to yours. Your ranking on a search engine will be hampered if you link to sites that have already been flagged by Google. What you should do is to ensure that any website or blog you link to have quality and original content.
Most people practice black hat methods of ranking their sites on a search engine, these methods are wrong and disastrous. Do you have other factors that can make Google blacklist a site? Let us know in the comment section. don’t forget to share.
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