The Insider’s Guide to Blog Monetization

Making money through blogging is not new, many people have made a lot of it through blogging. Your passion for blogging can be turned into profit when you monetize your blog. The most common blog monetization these days is through displaying advertisements and also through affiliate marking. But wait a minute, what really makes you money from your blog, is it the adverts? A very big no. Your source of money in blogging is your traffic. Without these traffic no matter the number of adverts you place on your site or blog it makes no difference because you will achieve nothing.
There are many advertisement networks you can register for and make money some of which are Google AdSense, medianet and more. Consequently, there are numerous affiliate programs you can indulge in such as being an affiliate marketer for,,, etc. remember, to make money from any of the above methods, you need a lot of traffic.
What to do before you monetize your blog.

A Clean and easy to navigate site/blog

Nobody wants to visit a blog that is disorganized as it makes information retrieval difficult. You have to work on your blog, make it clean and easy for site visitors to navigate. A bread crumb feature and a nicely placed menu is cool. Start by reducing the number of tags you have on your site or better still make them invisible. If you have really worked well on your menu, then you won’t need these tags.
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What you will need

  • About me with a picture: I dislike visiting blogs with an anonymous blog owner. What is the essence of creating a blog and then hiding your identity? Information on such blogs can’t be trusted.
  • Your social media links so that your site visitors can find you
  • A subscribe option: this is one of the most essential tools for a blogger. A must have.
You must have the necessary pages such as:
  • About me
  • Privacy Policy
  • Contact Me etc.

Quality content

Most unserious bloggers consider quantity more important than quality, but the truth is, quality is the most important. You can’t just write anything and expect me to hit the subscribe button. Always write content that will motivate a reader to subscribe. You may have a blog but don’t know how to write a well-formatted post. You can hire a freelancer on Fiverr or upwork to help you with that. Even though I write most of my blog post, I, however, outsource sometimes only when I am too busy.
Quality content also means original content. Copying and pasting someone else’s content is a bad idea. You can’t go far with such, in fact, you will find it hard to make money on your blog. Also, posting copyrighted materials such as music, videos without permission will only land you in a problem.

Blog monetization (Google AdSense and affiliate marketing)

Apart from Google AdSense, there are other advertisement networks. However, I chose AdSense as it is the largest and the highest paying ads network. Participation in AdSense is quite a task as Google takes the issue of policy serious. A friend of mine had to apply for AdSense for about 10 times before he was later approved. There are many areas Google check before they allow you.
There are no rules to follow to get your account approved because most bloggers I have come in contact with had different explanation and experience. In my case I applied for AdSense with only 8 five hundred words post on my blog and my account was approved. For Google AdSense policy check this link.
In case you run a copy and paste blog, you can hardly get approved by AdSense as Google is against copyrighted and copy and paste blogs. For blogs who have been approved and them opted in for copy and paste posts, it’s just the matter of time before your account is disabled.
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