How not to get your AdSense Account Blocked

Google AdSense is one of the major blog monetization methods I use on my blog. It is the highest paying ads network and the best when it comes to contextual ads servings. But as I mentioned countless amount of time that you will need extra work to get your AdSense account approved and to maintain the account. Google has laid down strict rules to help protect its advertisers from black hat SEO practices. So, care should be taken when participating in AdSense.
Your account can be flagged and blocked by Google AdSense team if you violate any AdSense policy. The leading cause of account disablement is invalid clicks.

What is invalid click activity in AdSense?

These are clicks that result from non-genuine user interest, in such cases, blog or site owners ask their friends or site visitors to click on ads. This practice is against Google AdSense policy; you can get banned for that. All clicks should result from genuine user interest. Newbie bloggers should take this into account.


I was also a victim of invalid clicks and invalid activities; this was because I leveraged for clicks from my friends and I also click my own ads using different I.P addresses. I was suspended for one month before I learned my lesson. The truth is you can’t even make a reasonable amount of money with invalid clicks or activities, so, why risking your AdSense account which you worked so hard to get. Below is the message I got from AdSense team when I violated their terms of service.
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Sending ads in an email to blog subscribers.

Sending emails to your blog subscribers with AdSense code embedded is against Google AdSense policy, you can get banned for that. Instead of doing that, write a very captivating post on your blog then tell your subscribers about it and they will come for them. Sending this codes through email is harmful to advertisers.

Label for Advertisements

Have you visited a blog where an arrow is placed close to ads luring you into clicking? Maybe with captions like “click to see hot babes” Google is against such. Any manipulative practice on your visitors that can make them click an advert is wrong.

Modifying the AdSense Code

You might be a programmer, but avoid altering AdSense codes as it can get you banned. AdSense have made provisions for many ads sizes, so, feel free to use any instead of modifying them.

Linking to Websites with Illegal Content

Linking to a website with illegal content could get your AdSense account banned immediately. Linking to websites with pornographic content, violent content, hacking content, gambling content, pages selling drugs or alcoholic stuff, pages selling weapons or ammunition, and pages distributing coursework such as student essay.

Paying for Traffic

All clicks on ads should be of genuine user interest, so, paying a sum to purchase traffic from places such as Fiverr, up work are against AdSense policy. Sites such as Facebook provide quality traffic, so they are excluded.
Do you know other adsense policy violations that can get an account banned? let us know in the comment section. dont forget to share.
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