What are the Best Ways to Make Money Online?


The web is full of money making methods both genuine and fraudulent. It’s left for you to choose. However, fraudulent methods are not advisable as they can get you in trouble. Now about the legitimate ways, which is the best? People keep asking me this question. But is there really a best way to make money online? Well, I think it all depends on how you can utilize any of the methods to make cool cash. How much money can you make online? A lot. There is a lot of money to be made online. In this technological era, most people have a means of connecting to the internet, which makes the internet one of the best place ever to market your goods. For instance, Facebook receives a lot of traffic daily, so, you can take advantage of Facebook to make your voice heard all over the world.

Graphic Design and T-shirts Printing

You can profit with your skills as a graphic designer. With the knowledge of Photoshop and other design software, you can produce a fresh design and print on t-shirts. T-shirts customization has gained a lot of popularity in recent times which means the demand for it is still high. A friend of mine does the business and makes a lot of profit from it. You might ask, how do I get to sell these t-shirts? You can sell them to people around most especially in a schooling environment. But hang on a little, I have other methods you can use to disposed these t-shirts.

  • Creating an e-commerce website
  • Become a seller on an established e-commerce website.
  • The use of social media
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Building an e-commerce website

To increase your sales and reach more potential customers, you can create a blog/website where you can showcase your products and services. In that, you have two options to either add a payment method to the blog or you deliver before payment. Whichever way you found suite you.

First, get an e-commerce template or theme of your choice, get a suitable domain name and register. The whole procedure you will need to set up an e-commerce site will be updated in the next post.

Become a seller on an established e-commerce website.

These days, there are many online shops and more still popping up, you can choose any that suits you, and that help you easily reach your target market. For instance, jumia.com.ng or konga.com can be a good choice for someone in Nigeria/Africa while Amazon will work best for someone in the U.S.

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The use of social media (Facebook)

Most people spend a lot of time on social media chatting, reading, posting, etc. they might not have the time to come check your products out. However, you can take the product to them and let them know you exist. How can this be done? My primary concern here is Facebook as it has one the highest daily visits. First, create a Facebook page, invite your friends and let your friends invite their friends. Having created the page, you are to advertise the page on Facebook which will help you increase your likes and reach.

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What next? On Facebook, you have the opportunity of advertising your products. So, what you should do is to pay Facebook to promote for you. The payment depends on how much you have.

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Trading bitcoins

The world is becoming more digital as new technologies are unveiled. What is bitcoins? Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency meaning it works without a central bank or a single administrator. You can make a lot of money trading bitcoins, and there are platforms that allow the trading of bitcoins. Example of such platforms is Luno, Remitano, Bittrex, poloniex, etc.

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You can work from home and make consistent money as a freelancer. People are always ready to give out jobs online to persons that have the skills. So, you can utilize your skills as a freelancer and make a lot of money. The truth is I have helped myself and others to make money online working as a freelancer. As freelancing activities expand, many platforms are made available. You can take advantage of any to enrich your purse. Example of the most prominent I have worked with is Fiverr, Upwork, freelancer, etc.

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These are some of the legitimate ways to make money online. As always let us know what you feel, and remember to share the content.


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