How to become a Seller on an E-commerce Website


The effect of technology is felt in almost every aspect of human endeavor which is a good thing. You can easily reach out to anyone no matter their distance. Most people are up to date with this growth in technology making the internet the best place to advertise your products and increasing your sales. The number of online shops is continuously on the rise making it a necessity for every business owner.

Why do you need an online avenue for selling your products?

Due to the demand of our environment and the work we do, we might not be so chanced to visit a shop to purchase stuff, so online store can be of help as your physical presence is not required, and it takes only a few minutes to get your order completed. So, getting your goods available online is an excellent approach to increasing your sales. This article deals with how to get yourself registered on an e-commerce website.

Some popular e-commerce websites


Cons of e-commerce websites

  • Low operational cost: a lot is involved when running your business in a physical store, such issues as cost of rent, visibility; the more visibility you have, the more your sales, much is involved in choosing a good location for your business.
  • More visibility: the more your visibility, the more your potential. Already established e-commerce websites have a lot of traffic, so you are at an advantage because you don’t have to pay a lot for advertising.
  • Ease of access for customers/potential customers: e-commerce websites can easily be accessed at any time as it is online based as compared to physical stores. It means the product you sell can be accessed 24/7 at any part of the world. Some customers travel long distances to reach their preferred physical store. E-commerce websites allow them to visit and purchase goods with just a few clicks virtually.
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For illustration, amazon market will be used. Registering as a seller on Amazon is pretty simple and straightforward, it only requires simple steps, and you will be done.

Step one

In your browser address box, write “” just as in the picture below.

Step 2

On Amazon, you have the advantage of selling many products and even services. See image

Amazon is not only restricted to products alone but also for persons who have skills to render there services to others. Clicking on any of the highlighted links above will open a new window with easy to understand steps to follow so, follow the steps accordingly and that’s it.

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For increased visibility, you can boost any of your product on social media such as Facebook, twitter, and Instagram Etc.

On most of these online markets, you will have to pay a token to get yourself on the front page. Being on the front page us cool as of increases your visibility and sales. While some of this markets rank sellers base on specific criteria such as credibility, customer satisfaction, etc. which means the better your credibility score, higher customer satisfaction the higher your position.

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