How to make your gigs rank number one in few days on Fiverr.


For freelancers, ranking number one is very important. The higher your gig on Fiverr search engine, the more jobs you get and consequently more money. Whenever you search for a service on Fiverr, the gigs that appear in front gets the most job. Everybody wants to be in front. In this article, I will teach you how you can rank high within some few days.

What does it take to rank high on Fiverr?

In times past, Fiverr rank gigs based only on your gig titles, gig tags but now more factors are considered. Even though your gig titles are and tags are still used, they are not the only ranking factor. Their algorithm considers much more relevant data.

What Fiverr considers when ranking a gig

When ranking a gig below are what Fiverr considers.

Response rate: Response rate is a very important factor in gig ranking. A low response rate can get your gig out of the front page in no time. Low response rate means less job, and less job means low revenue for Fiverr which will inevitably result in de-ranking. Your position in fiverr search engine will be occupied by another more serious seller.

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Order completion: Order completion is the rate at which you complete jobs. This is a significant factor to put in mind. A low completion rate can affect your ranking faster than you think and in fact, it can get you de-leveled. Low order completion rate consequently implies high canceled order. Any factor that can cause a reduction in revenue is highly punishable.

On-time delivery: Delivering orders within the agreed time is crucial. On the other hand, late delivery is dangerous to your ranking. Ensuring you deliver your job on time is a good thing. Instead of delivering jobs late, ask for time increment.

Response time: in most cases, buyers on Fiverr will want to talk with you before they place their order. Quickly responding to buyer’s messages increases your odds of getting hired. Not responding implies low jobs, low revenue for Fiverr and then de-ranking.

What to do in order to rank high up.

Ensuring your response rate, order completion rate, on-time delivery rate are at least 90% will boost your position on Fiverr search engine.

Another thing you can do is, ensure you use up to 5 keywords in your gig tag. To boost even faster, you can copy the gig tag of a seller offering the same service as you and who is on the first page.

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Note: To improve your overall performance, you should consider using a smartphone for easy communication with clients. Fiverr have developed two software for both Android and iOS.

The new Fiverr ranking system demotes any seller whose response rate, order completion rate, on-time delivery rate is below 90%.

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