How to make money online fast through reselling of services.


The internet has gotten too popular that even the most rural parts of the world also enjoy its benefits, which is why businesses around the world use it to improve their reach and consequently their sales. Business will run out of customers if they ignore the internet marketing aspect. As a freelancer, you can make a lot of money through reselling services. Don’t worry I will teach you all you need to know.

Why do we resell this services?

There are many freelancing platforms online, and each has its different billing amount that is minimum and maximum order amount. For example, the minimum amount for all orders on Fiverr is $5 while the maximum is $5000. On these platforms, sellers offer services at different prices this deference in prices is what we need to make this money. I will illustrate for you to enhance your understanding.

Let’s delve right into it.

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Step 1: on your browser search box, type and press enter. Create an account on the platform, then go into your email and verify. Having done that, on the website, search for “SoundCloud plays.” “Soundcloud plays” is just for illustration purpose; you can type any service you want. You will see a result like the one below.

Select one of the services most especially for those sellers with higher upvotes than downvotes. Also, ensure the cost of the service is low to maximize your profit.

Step 2: open another tab on your browser and type, then create an account if don’t already have. On eBay website search box enter the service name example, SoundCloud plays.

On seoclerks, you will find the same service and even some way higher offered for one dollar. $1 on seoclerks and $4.96 on eBay.

Follow closely. The offer I enclosed in the red box on seoclerks will be used to create a listing on eBay, ensure the details are the same or with slight changes. The listing you just created on eBay should be higher in price to the one on seoclerks but a bit lower than your competitors on eBay. What happens is, whenever you receive an order on eBay, you will log on to seoclerks and place the same order on a gig with low price but quality service. Don’t know what gig is? Check here.

Once your job is delivered from seoclerk, you will then redeliver the same job on eBay, and that’s all.

Example. You received a $4.96 order on eBay, you then give it out on seoclerks at $1 your profit becomes $4.96-$1=$3.96.

This trick is not only limited to seoclerks and eBay, but you can also do the same on Fiverr and other freelancing websites.

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Note: this method might not make you rich overnight. However, it is an excellent source of passive income without really doing any job.

As always, if you have any question, you can let us know in the comment section and remember to share so that someone else will benefit.


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