Easy steps on how to fund your luno wallet


I have received questions mostly from newbie traders on how to fund their luno account, most experienced traders might say “what the hell luno is simple to fund” but believe me, most of us were once in that shoe. We might have learnt how to, ourselves or from others but remember, not all fingers are equal. This post was intended to teach you how to fund your luno account for the first time, ensure you read through.

For this tutorials, I will assume everybody has verified his/her account to level one. In luno level one verification, you are allowed to deposit an amount up to 200000 thousand naira and also withdraw an amount up to 200000 naira. Level one verification requires only your mobile phone number.

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Without much ado, let’s delve right into the subject matter.

Step1: On your mobile application, select the menu option on the top left corner of your screen

Step2: On the menu, select “wallet” just as below. You will see at first two wallets which are BTC wallet and NGN wallet.

Step3: On the NGN wallet, you will see two options, WITHDRAW and DEPOSIT. Select the deposit option. A screen popup.

Step4: There are two principal deposit methods on luno which are “Debit or credit card with PayU” and “GT Collection with GT Bank” you can choose anyone. However, I will recommend GT Collections for GTbank Customers while depositing with PayU for other banks; the reason is that deposit with GT collection is free.

GT Collection Method

Step5: For GT collection, on the next screen you will be required to input your deposit amount. For this tutorials, I will be using 10000 naira.

Step6: you will be given a reference number with which you will use for the payment.

Go to your GTbank mobile banking application, on the home page, select payments option, and then select other bills option. You will see a page with heading title GT collections.

Step7: Select your account, on “select collection,” chose FINANCIAL INSTITUTION in the drop-down options. Under “select a category,” select LUNO. Under “product” select LUNO WALLET FUNDING.

Next: For LUNO PAYMENT REFERENCE, it is the code given to you in step 6. Then input your deposit amount, remember it should be the same as the one you specified on LUNO and then click submit.

Step8: Head back to luno and click “I have made the payment” option and within few minutes your deposit will reflect.

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Deposit using “Debit or Credit Card with PayU”

Step5: Click on the “Debit or Credit Card with PayU” option on deposit method page on luno.

Step6: Input you deposit amount 10000 naira for example. On this deposit option, 500 naira is the minimum. Then click “next” option

On the next screen, you will see your deposit amount and fee all in naira

Step7: Click on “continue to PayU” option. From there, you will be taken to PayU secured payment gateway where you will be required to input your MasterCard details to complete your deposit. As simple as that.

In case you have any question, you can drop it in the comment section.


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