Unemployed? How to be among the percentage of Nigerian graduates that are making money


Nigeria as a country has a lot of higher institutions producing graduates in their thousands. However, we know very well how difficult it is to get a job. Getting a job entails having a “strong connection” as Nigerians will always say, and I have come to agree with that. Gaining employment in Nigeria is no more about qualification, it’s about who you know in a high position, in fact, the more people you know, the more your options.

During the service year, most Nigerian graduates just seat and completely rely on the monthly stipend from the government which is without a thought not enough for a monthly living. I very much understand that most complain of not having the capital to start a business which is totally acceptable, but how do you intend getting the capital, by just waiting for it to come? Of course not. You have to do something, some of this group of graduates waiting for this capital doesn’t even have a business model crafted, which means they should not use the term “capital” ever. In this article, I will try to itemize ways you can easily use to make money from home as an unemployed graduate.

  1. Making money online
  • Freelancing
  • Trading
  • Blogging
  • Buying and selling goods online

The internet is a cool place to make a decent income, in fact, from the comfort of your home. There are a lot of this method you can use depending on your skills.

Freelancing: The internet has made freelancing a very popular option, it entails offering services online and getting paid, your payment depends on the job done and your agreement with your clients. There are a lot of platforms that serve as avenues for us to meet potential clients and clients. I can guarantee you that freelancing is for real, I make decent cash from it monthly and you can as well.

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Why you need to open a Fiverr Account fast.

How to go about it

You can offer different services online such as article writing, proofreading, graphics designing, video editing, etc. the more skills you have, the more you can earn. What you do is to open an account on either upwork.com or fiverr.com.

Trading online: Trading is another good option, you make money through buying and selling of currencies. The two major forms of trading I do are forex trading and bitcoins trading. It entails buying a currency when the value is low and selling when the value has risen.


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Blogging: you can make money doing what you like such as writing. The secret to blogging is writing or posting what adds value to readers, the more value it adds, the more your traffic. As simple as that. However, blogging is not a get rich quick scheme; it takes some time before you can start earning from your blog. In blogging, you can choose any niche that interest you such as technology, educational, news, etc.


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Buying and selling goods online: there are a lot of online markets than you can imagine, so you can take advantage of any to make cool cash. It entails buying goods cheap and selling higher. In selling your goods, you have many options. You can either sell the goods online (in another online store), or you sell the goods offline. Any method you choose works. You register on platforms such as konga.com, jumia.com.ng as a seller and sell your goods. Checkout

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How to make money online fast through reselling of services

  1. Making money from physical products.

Not every graduate is computer literate, and some are not fans of online business. If you are in that category, this one is for you. In this method, you get involved with selling physical products. There are a lot of this product you can sell that are in high demand most especially edible products.

Palm oil business: not every part of Nigeria has oil in excess, for that reason, you can be a distributor of oil in such areas. What you do is, purchase the oil from areas with enough as it will be cheaper there and sell in areas will little as it tends to be more expensive there. This trick can also be used with all products such as honey, groundnut oil, etc.

Grains: you can make money from buying and selling of grains. What you will do is to buy grains when it’s cheap and readily available and sell when the price appreciates and is scarce.

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