Fiverr new gig ranking algorithm you should know updated


In every company, customer’s satisfaction is of utmost importance that is why most companies work tirelessly to ensure they deliver excellent value to their customers. Freelancing has come to stay, and many people are getting more interested by the day. The web is full of freelancing websites where you can either work as a seller of a service or a buyer.

Fiverr is a popular freelancing platform which draws above 35 million site visits monthly; that is a huge number. On Fiverr, you have the opportunity to make cool cash with your skills in the comfort of your home. I work on Fiverr providing different services and making a lot of money; you can as well.

In this article, I will discuss the latest Fiverr gig ranking algorithm; this is important because your position on Fiverr search engine determines how much you make.

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Fiverr considers many factors when ranking a gig below are some:-

Gig Description: – A gig with poor description is bound to be de-ranked the reason is that, Fiverr change the placement of any gig with low sales. The impact of a poor gig description is that buyers will find those gigs unattractive which will consequently result in low sales and a gig with low sales adds no value hence a change of position. I have introduced many people to fiver, and one problem is common; they don’t take their time to craft out a good and persuasive gig description. Before I forget, copying and pasting someone else’s gig description is wrong and can get your gig deleted, so desist from that.

Solution: – Take time to craft out a convincing gig description for your gig; it will pay you more in the long run.

Cancelled Orders: – buyers get offended and feel deceived whenever an order is cancelled; this will, in turn, hamper the integrity of the whole system for that reason, Fiverr created a system which is meant to penalize a seller who cancels an order and it doesn’t matter who the fault is from. The more jobs you cancel, the more it proves how incompetent you are in handling such tasks, so deranking and demoting you is the best option if the integrity of the system must be maintained. As stated by Fiverr, “ensure your gig description is well written and not misleading to prevent cancelled jobs.” With my few years of experience working on Fiverr, I have encountered annoying buyers who will ask for a refund instead of requesting for a revision.

Solution: – to avoid cancelled orders, ensure you understand the buyer’s requirement before accepting and order because once an order is accepted, not much can be done in avoiding the consequences of a cancelled order.

Response Rate: – how fast you respond to a buyer’s first message is also an essential factor in gig ranking. Your response time determines if you will get a job or not. When a buyer visits Fiverr for the first time, he/she is not sure as to who to contract, so what they do is message different sellers. In that case, the seller who replies promptly stands a high chance of being contracted for the job. Low response percentage means low job, and low job leads to deranking.

Solution: – ensure you are always online and reply to messages promptly. To easily achieve that, you can download Fiverr android application or iOS version.

Late Delivery: – all jobs on Fiverr are expected to be delivered within the agreed time otherwise repercussions will result. If you are working on a job and you sensed the time won’t be enough, contact the buyer before the time elapse so you can agree on a new time. You can do that in the resolution centre.

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Solution: – always deliver your jobs before the time elapses or contact the buyer early to agree on a new time.

Job Rating: – Just doing a job isn’t enough; doing it well is the most important. You are expected by Fiverr to maintain a rating of 4.6 and above, or you will get demoted.

Solution: – Only accept Jobs you can do this will help you protect your account from being deranked and will prevent demotion.

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