How to make a lot of money as a freelance programmer-a must read


Technology has taken over virtually all aspect of human endeavour which makes service delivery more efficient. Companies have increased their production capacities with the aid of technology which makes it even more sort after. Programming is of paramount importance in this era since computers cannot function without a program. Most newly opened companies in a quest for efficiency pay thousands of dollars just to hire programmers who will aid in automation and more.

Freelance programmers find getting a stable income quiet difficult, and the reason is that they lack the how-to on how to make it happen. Making money as a freelance programmer is quite easy if you know what to do and which platform to join. There is a lot of money to be made as a programmer if only you know how to play your cards right. In this article, I will teach you how to make money as a freelance programmer. The method I will show you are working strategies I have personally taught most of my friends and clients, and they are making a lot of money. Believe me, what I will share with you will change your life if you follow suit.

Without much ado, let’s get started right away.

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I will share two platforms you can be part of that will offers you the opportunity to make enough money that will pay your bills.

  1. Fiverr: – is a freelancing platform that provides a lot of opportunities to freelancers to make a lot of money in the comfort of their homes. Programmers have a greater chance since not everybody can spare out time to learn how to program. Your knowledge as a programmer is crucial and will definitely create a way for you. Programming on Fiverr is one of the highest paying jobs with very low competition.

Creating an account on Fiverr is easy: here is a link that will teach you how to create account and gig on Fiverr. One crucial point in creating a well selling gig on Fiverr is crafting out a well written and convincing gig description. Don’t copy and paste it doesn’t work these days; you will only get penalised by their search engine. For more details on crafting out a sort after gig click here. Before you rush out into creating your first account or gig, I must warn you against including services you cannot offer on your gig. Itemise only services you can do at least at the beginning as you gain more experience; you can still edit and add more.

I introduced a friend to Fiverr some years ago who was really a guru in programming. He created an account but never took working on Fiverr seriously until when somehow he developed some interest. At the time of this writing, he make over $1000 monthly. I would have shown you some proof but due to security reasons, I won’t hahaha. If you are comfortable with your current financial condition then this post isn’t for you, however, if you want to be among the percentage of Nigerians who make money online then don’t just read this but also take action.

  1. Upwork: – this is another freelancing website with a lot of site visit of about 35million monthly. With such a huge number, getting a job won’t be much of a problem. I have worked for numerous clients on Upwork and believe me; you won’t regret working there. Unlike Fiverr who charges on a daily basis and more. Upwork charge on an hourly basis which makes their pay even more. To excel on Upwork, your job proposal must be convincing enough and also your job description must be in detail and convincing. Each of these platforms works fairly differently; however, the same goal.

Getting an account approved on Upwork is quite a task, and the reason is that they are trying to ensure that the market is not overcrowded. It took me sometime before my account was approved. With your numerous programming skills, getting approval won’t be difficult.

I am not writing this post out of ignorance but out of experience. I have worked on Fiverr for long and have made cool cash. If you have any question, drop them in the comment section. Remember to share the post. Thank you.

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